22 décembre 2005

La suite mais pas la fin

So here is at last more of the Koala... the resolution will be for after the 27th of december, as I'm off to my grand parents' place for a family Christmas
I loooove you all
Voila, voila...
Je poste la suite du Koala... La fin sera pour apres le 27 decembre, parce que je pars chez mes grands parents pour Noel
Je vous fais des taaas de bisooous

13 commentaires:

Christophe a dit…

Roooh super mignonne ta serie de koalas !

Jeremiah Alcorn a dit…

I'm lovin' this little guy. Great stuff!

MikeS a dit…

Your koala sketches have a beautiful sweetness to them!

Anonyme a dit…

c'est trop chou
les koalas puis le reste des dessins

t'es trop forte en faite
si t'etais pas deja mariée
à Fabrice
je te demanderai de m'épouser tellement c'est zoli ce que tu fais

affecteusement un ami

mr-dunn* a dit…

REALLY sweet..i think these are superb!
youv'e done chuck jones eyes..where the pupil is outside the white-it really helps with eye direction ..love it

Unknown a dit…

OOOOOHH!! This is a very cute character!!

Aurelie a dit…

Mr-Dunn: You're right! the eyes are totally Chuck Jones'technique. It give so much expressivity to the eyes... I tried to keep the same thing with the puppets, that's why they've got solid white eyes, on the top of which I add a plasticine pupil that I can change as I want

The others: there is still one to come... I will take the time to finish the series! promess

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chanee a dit…

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