03 juillet 2007

mauvaise conscience :)

Est-ce que je me souviens de comment ça marche... oui, ca à l'air d'aller :)
Désolée de cette absence prolongée.
Je suis de retour sur la toile.
Do I even remember how it works... :)
All my appologies for this (very very very very) long absence.
I'm back on the Web.

4 commentaires:

Scott Wright a dit…

Welcome back!

Love this little drawing...keep them coming!

Aurelie a dit…

Hey Scott :)
Quickest blogger to put a comment!
Hope you're doing well

Nick Sung a dit…

OMG, She is back!

Anonyme a dit…

Hooray , Aurelie is back ! We've missed you.
(I've been checking-in here at least once a week ...just knew you'd be back eventually) .