28 juillet 2007

my wooonderful life as a free lance

J'ai fini des illustrations pour deux magazines qui vont etre publié en septembre, ou octobre (je ne me souviens plus, mais je vous tiens au courant). J'étais treeees fatiguée quand j'ai eu tout fini (c'est un dessin de moi completement fatiguée)
I finished a series of illustrations for a magazine to be published in september or october (i'll let you know). In fact i finished TWO series of illustrations. I was knacked when it was over.
(this is a picture of me when it was over)
Je vais maintenant prendre le temps de repondre à mes mails, et de faire la foule de choses que j'ai du laisser de coté. Les deux projets étaient supers chouettes. Une des histoire était celle d'une fille qui refuse de manger du chocolat (mais ca s'arrange à la fin). je vous poste une image Now, my life is back to normal (ish) and I'm planning to catch up on my "to be answered" e-mail list and complete many other "to do" lists. The two stories were great to work on. My favourite was one about a girl who doesn't want to eat chocolate anymore (but it get better in the end). here is an image

Jacob H. Jensen est venu à Paris la semaine dernière avec son adorable femme Camille et il m'a offert son livre, qui est trop meeerveilleux! Je ne m'en lasse pas!Si vous en voulez un exemplaire aussi, vous pouvez le commander sur www.stuartngbooks.com
Jacob H. Jensen was visiting Paris last week with his adorable wife Camille. (It was nice to see U both! ) He gave me his woooderfull book. I look at it over and over. If you want one, you can order one on www.stuartngbooks.com
C'est tout pour aujourd'hui. L'ours du post precedent était censé devenir mon avatar, mais je n'ai pas reussi à faire la bonne manip :s C pa grav
Ok that's it for today news i think.
The bear on the post below was supposed to become my avatar, but i couldn't figure out how tomake it work :s

12 commentaires:

Martin Wittig a dit…

wonderful work!! It is so great to see more posts! I look forward to more!!:)

Alessandra Sorrentino a dit…

aurelieeeeeeeee :)
nice post, very cute as usual!

Anonyme a dit…

was searching for hamster clay and chanced upon your site. lovely work! really pretty! will definitely be coming back to your site again!
-yh from singapore

Diego Cobo a dit…

Hello Aurélie. My name is Diego Cobo and i work as an ilustrator in Madrid, Spain. I must say that your drawins and watercolours are beautiful. Congratulations for your work! If you like to visit my blog to check my drawins, here it is: http://ponteadibujarvago.blogspot.com/
See you!

Tal Rachmin a dit…

i love your work, can't wait to see more of it coming :)

Josh Parpan a dit…

Great new work!

BEN a dit…

I found your blog by alan cook's blog, I love your work!! the characters are fantastic ( specially the girl in publiée post, soooo nice :D !!)

Jakob Jensen a dit…

Goodness, Aurelie,
I can't believe it took me this long to realize that you posted this! Forgive me.
This is making me blush. You're much too kind.
Looooove the chocolate girl! What girl doesn't like chocolate??!
Big kisses from Hong Kong!!

Unknown a dit…

Love your illos, fun and expressive!

Christophe"ZEBE" Lourdelet a dit…

clap clap clap...c'est tout très joli ce que tu fais...
mon préféré c'est "joyeux anniversaire Bertille"....

Aurelie a dit…

Hey Martin, Ale and Josh: nice to see you here :) and thank you!

Jacob: that's ok :) Good luck with the book sales! Don't worry about the girl: it get better in the end!

Zébé: rhhoo! j'ai Zébé qui a laissé un commentaire sur mon blog. ca y est, j'ai la classe! Merci!

yh from singapore: thank you! what is hamster clay? clay they use to make themeselves little vases? I'm all intrigued!

Ben: I love Alan cook's blog: it'so informative and has great artwork on it! thanks for the compliments.
Alina: thanks!

Michelle a dit…

You've got some wonderful stuff here. I love the loose quality of some of your work. Really nice expressions, gives the drawings lots of personality!