10 août 2008

Tutorial Spanish Version!

Aquí está el tutorial sobre cómo hago para colorear la linea. Traduccion:

Nota: para colorear el dibujo en sí, lo hago en una capa transparente bajo la capa de la linea, ahora lo sabeis todo. ¡Hasta mañana!
Again, a thousand GRACIAS to Rafael for offering to translate it!

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Unknown a dit…

It was a pleasure to translate it :)

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you for your post and your kind words!

Y gracias, Rafael.

It´s similar to the way I do the coloring but I think yours is even easier.

I usually try to start with a good black and white drawing, because the density of black will affect the final colored line. I copy the layer with this drawing (doesn´t mind if the document is grayscale, RGB or cmyk)change to quick mask mode and paste it. And, voilà, I´ve allready have the inverted selection. The rest is just like you said. I have all this steps (from b&w drawing to rgb file with layers) recorded as a Photoshop action, so I can do it in just one click, but I think your way is simpler.

Other dirtier way is just to color with the brush in lighter or color mode, sometimes useful for touching up with a one layer file, but not the best way at all.

Thanks again!

Aurelie a dit…

you're welcome :)
what i like with this technique is that it works even if the line is not totally black, so you can keep the subtelty of the pencil line.
(what is the quick mask mode?)

Cuca a dit…

Aaaa que bien una traduccion en español, ya entiendo mejor !

jijiji ^-^

estudio baobab a dit…

Thanks Aurelie. :)

The way I do is almost the same than yours, but diferent in the begining. You can do the same with a soft or gray line or even with a gradation or pencil or a dry brush, but I (usually) preffer a black line to control better if I want to do a dark color or a lighter one.

The quick mask mode is a visualization for the selection mask that you can modify with brushes instead of lasso tools. here you can find a better explanation:


Thanks again for the tutorial

Javi Montes

Tobio a dit…

Yeha! thanks por all your posts!!! your style is lovely ...

José Luis Expósito a dit…

merci beaucoup!!