30 novembre 2010


Lately I have been into picture composition. There is always so much to learn: it's exhilarating.

Here is a late night sketch. Merely an opportunity to remember how good it feels to let the pencil wander on the page after a long too long day at work!
Note: certains geants portent des slips. Oui.

4 commentaires:

Sabine a dit…

On dirait un maître nageur ! L'effet "slip" sans doute ! XD
Superbe coup de crayon, comme d'hab' ! ^^

Tobio a dit…

That´s exactly how i feel my sice every time i watch your blog...marvelous Aurelie! xd

(Just a question, Do you have any comic-book published in france or that i can take it by amazon?)

Isil a dit…

J'aime !

Tiar Tiar Tiar a dit…

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