05 septembre 2012

Rock en Seine

So... There is this music Festival near Paris, happening every year. Last year I went with some friends of mine. This year I went with my sketchbook, and both made new friends and stumbled upon old friends. It was thrilling.

And there was, of course, some decently good music and not-cheap-bear in recyclable goblets (glasses?)

 The organisation was awsome. Fantastic iPhone app with real time updates on the bands scheduele. And I fell in love with the illustration Thomas Baas produced for the official look of the festival: hop, link to his work: http://www.costume3pieces.com/fr/galerie/Baas/portfolio/

And, fun thing: David (amazing Sketcher/Artist/Bg designer/illustrator/...) took this video of me (yes, new hair)

7 commentaires:

d a dit…

That rocks.
(See what I did there?)

2to a dit…

Trop classe!

Anonyme a dit…

Bravo bravo!!!!!
j'adore ces croquis!
a tres bientot
Constance C

Caloucalou a dit…

je viens de passer un bon moment à parcourir ce blog découvert grâce à De lignes en lignes. Très très beau ! bravo

Thomas von Kummant a dit…

funny way to show your wonderfull scetches!

Beats For Sale a dit…

We were there a few years back! Good to see it's still happening!

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