21 janvier 2006

Links/ Liens

I look forward being on monday afternoon, when I will be handing everything back. Then I can draw again and post again!
I just wanted to attract attention on some new (or not so new, but I just discovered them) people in the wooonderful world of blogs.
Vivement lundi... que je rende tout les trucs pour mon MA. ENsuite je me remets au dessin et au blog!
D'ici là, je voulais signaler des nouveaux venus (ou des gens que je viens de découvrir) dqns le meeerveilleux monde des blogs

Andrea Blasich http://andreablasich.blogspot.com/
(wooonderful sculptor/ meeerveileux sculpteur)
Alexandra Boiger http://alexandraboigerillustration.blogspot.com/
(wooonderful illustrator/ meeerveilleuse illustratrice)
and also
Claudio Acciari http://actarus.bloggerbash.org/
who is doing wooonderful digital paintings!
Alessandro Toccaceli http://touchskieschronicles.blogspot.com/
woooderful drawings on his blog
John Sanford http://phloo.blogspot.com/
Wooonderful story artist: check his strips, they are so funny and expressive!
Allez voir ses petites BD, c'est trop rigolo!

9 commentaires:

John S. a dit…

Hey! Thanks for the shout-out, Aurelie! You are too kind!
I am definately going to add you to the links section of my blog as soon as I figure out how it works!

Aurelie a dit…

Je vous en prie mon cher, le plaisir est pour moi
(= you're welcome. My pleasure)

Though I'm not sure how much people this post could bring to your blog...

Good luck with the task to figure out how to make links.(I'm faithful:you will succeed):)

virginiavalle.blogspot.com a dit…

;) OHH thanks for the links :) I know Alexandra link but the other nouuu :)... I will visit them at night :)... Aurelie you remind me a one girl I found the other day she has a sketchblog too I will post the link ;).

About your lost link :( you dont have any idea...I hate when I have the same problem :(.......
Waiting for your next move :P

virginiavalle.blogspot.com a dit…

I posted the link :)

Aurelie a dit…

Nice link Virginia... I've been through her march archives (not time for more today), and some of the sketches are really expressive.

the doodlers a dit…

Aurelie, Your work is terrific. Thanks for the wonderful links on this post. The blogging world continues to surprise and inspire us! We'll add you to our links and wish you all the best with the intriguing film that you are making. We hope to see it when it's done!


Alessandro Toccaceli a dit…

Ciao Aurèlie,
thanks for posting on my blog, and very special thanks for the link!
You are a very fine artist.

Anonyme a dit…

Ah lala quel monde merveilleux que celui de l internet, tous ces echanges de liens c est un peu comme une nouvelle internationale du 21 e siecle. Merci pour tous ces liens qui m occupent bien a la pause midi et n oublie pas que ya des millions d internautes qui attendent avec impatience de voir ton merveilleux film termine! On est tous avec toi! (non non je te mets pas la pression:)

Matthew Cruickshank a dit…

Cest Magnifique dessin! You will fly in your career!