04 décembre 2010

#2 Amandes

More watercolour jubilation!!!

This time I used a minuscule sponge and masking fluid on the character for the green in the background, and managed to refrain the impulse to cover every part of the picture with color.
I usually enjoy so much using my paints that, when doing personal work, I merrily keep adding, and adding and adding layers of brightness and beautifulness... and I end up with a filled-with-love-but-muddy result quite far from my original intention :)
This time I happy with the result. Though next time I'll try to get more of a Xmas feeling in the color scheme maybe.

Yesterday's drawing was reminding me of Manu Arenas... this one made me think of Kei Acedera whose ibook I download a while ago on my iphone, along with other books from ArtistSketchbooks. The Imaginism/Schoolism team really came up with awsome ideas and initiatives these past few years...

01 décembre 2010

#1: Poires

I am seriously starting to think about Xmas, and i am starting watercolour on the subject.
First of the thirtheen traditional provencal Christmas desert: pears.

Adding some photoshop on top of the watercolour: Linear Burn and ... ..Divide. This last version somehow reminded me of Manu Arenas work on Yacin... I love the book by the way: have you read it? Ideal for a Christmas present u_u click here to order it on amazon.fr :)