01 décembre 2010

#1: Poires

I am seriously starting to think about Xmas, and i am starting watercolour on the subject.
First of the thirtheen traditional provencal Christmas desert: pears.

Adding some photoshop on top of the watercolour: Linear Burn and ... ..Divide. This last version somehow reminded me of Manu Arenas work on Yacin... I love the book by the way: have you read it? Ideal for a Christmas present u_u click here to order it on amazon.fr :)

9 commentaires:

Rochelle Burrows a dit…


Atsushi a dit…

Sweet! I love Divided version.

Sab a dit…

C'est superbe ! ^_^

damien a dit…

J'apprécie les poires.
J'aime Noël.
J'adore cette carte.

batifolages élémentaires a dit…

il y a quelque chose de sensuelle dans ces poires!

Unknown a dit…

Joyeux Noel!

chanee a dit…

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boy a dit…

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ghada a dit…

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