25 avril 2006

New Links

In my new links section: you already enjoyed his website: Antoine Birot just opened his blog...
I added James Robertson because just like Nick Sung, his blog make me feel good :)
Go and check the amazing Will Becher website: this animator is doing a short film in a glass box at the Museum of Moving Image, Bradford. UK

5 commentaires:

Nick Sung a dit…

Thanks for linking me Aurelie--
Your blog is one of my very favourites,
for its very fun tone amd
very beautiful artwork!


Antoine Birot a dit…

ouaaais merci aurelie!!! maintenant j ai deux points rouges en amerique sur ma carte!!

J a dit…

Thank you very much Aurelie. I'm glad you like what I'm doing. It's a real pleasure visiting your blog as well.

Aurelie a dit…

James and Nick: You're welcome :)
Both of you are awsome!

Toinou: toi aussi tu es awsome :) je te souhaite plein de petits et gros points rouges!

Tom a dit…

Your work is outstanding. So much style and life. I found this blog through a link on Andrea Blasich's blog, so glad I did!