04 avril 2006

Witches/ Sorcières

I'm inaugurating a new Moleskine: the japanese one. It's one long piece of paper folded many time. I'm going to draw one witch on each page section... at least on that side.
This Moleskine is a farewell present from my friend Sara, who is still in Bristol :)
Bristol= a bunch of VERY good memories!
Je commence un nouveau Moleskine: le japonais. C'est une longue bande de papier pliée plein de fois. Sur ce coté, je vais dessiner une sorcière sur chaque "page".
Co Moleskine était un cadeau de départ de Sara, une amie qui est toujours a Bristol :)
Bristol= plein de TRES BONS souvenirs!

10 commentaires:

Nick Sung a dit…

Wow! Terrific and Specific!
Very appealing.

professeurcheveux a dit…

tout cela est fort joli!

Jeremiah Alcorn a dit…

A witch for every day of the week..... daunting task, but it looks like you have a terrific start. I think the sketch in the bottom middle is my fav., super appealing. Great stuff!

Aurelie a dit…

Miah: aaaah! did I said one per day? did I? nooooo: I checked and I haven't written that!!! well... could be a good idea thought... but I can't do it that way. Some people assign themseves to work on a regular rythm, but I'm not very good at this.
anyway thanks for stopping by... keep the Oompas coming :)

Julien: merci:) bonne chance pour ta derniere ligne droite avant la fin du generique... je suis sure que ca va tout dechirer!

Nick: Thanks a lot! I have to make the following ones more scaaaary like real witches :D

J a dit…

Yeah these are great. Reminds me very much of old concept art from the '9 old men' era at disney.

Martin Wittig a dit…

Aurelie, These witches are really nice! I agree with J, they remind me of those classical development sketches that i love, from long ago!--beautiful stuff:)

Boris Hiestand a dit…

fantastic witches! would love to see more

virginiavalle.blogspot.com a dit…

little busy :) I love the witches !!

kopi.J a dit…

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