23 août 2008

Materiel /supplies #2

Je continue
Here is the second part

Le petit Mars Lumograph
the small Mars Lumograph

Je le fabrique en coupant en deux un Mars Lumograph neuf. Comme il est petit, la prise en main est facile, et on peut utiliser la pointe aussi bien que le plat. C'est pratique pour les applats.

I make this one by cutting in half a regular pencil.
I actually saw this trick somewhere on the internet, but couldn't stumble upon the blog again. If you know where he is, please, post the link in the comment section, so i can acknowledge the author.
dessin fait au petit crayon
drawing done by using the small pencil
Et enfin, le feutre fin de Staedler.
j'utilise le 0.1mm, et parfois le 0.05mm. Comme tous les feutres, il y a un coté définitif dans le trait qui encourage la spontanéité et les décisions immédiates. Mais grâce à sa pointe très fine , il permet de noircir progressivement le dessin et rajoutant des traits au fur et à mesure.

I use mostly the 0.1mm, and sometime the 0.05mm.
Like every other pen it pushes toward spontaneity and quick decisions, but it's very small tip allows to build gradually the blacks of a drawing with cross hatching.

dessin au Steadtler 0.1
drawing with a Dteadtler 0.1

11 commentaires:

Alessandra Sorrentino a dit…

Hey Aurelie, thanks for sharing this.
It's always interesting and curious to see other artist's favourite tools. It's kind of like the clothes you choose, the way you put them together or the ingredients you use on your tiramisu. Well, I am bubbling..I shouldn't comment on a sunday morning :)
Take care my dear!

Giuseppe Ferrario a dit…

Very very nice! I use Steadtler 0.1too!

Aurelie a dit…

Alessandra: so tell me: what ingredient do you use on your Tiramisu? ;)
Giuseppe: you're back from the mountains?! great :) nice to see you here (and Steadler 0.1 rocks!)

Unknown a dit…

I just read his blog, which is actually called stumpy pencils


Anonyme a dit…


wens a dit…

Ah ! J'adore les histoires de petit matériel et les dessinateurs-trices qui en parlent !
Et le petit film en pâte à modeler est superbe, ma fille a adoré, (10 ans).

Pablo Colaso a dit…

I use the same pens, is mu favorite pen to inking my draws, and brush too.
Your work is simply wonderfull, i love it!

kopi.J a dit…

WOW! I Love it...
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Thank you!

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