30 août 2008

Voilà Zoé et Lilly,
qui elles sont en vacances, elles!

Here are Zoe and Lilly, at the beach.

7 commentaires:

Matt a dit…

Oh no! You left out the "grrr" for all your English speaking visitors. Well, I've been meaning to learn the French language. This is just another good reason.

Thank you for posting so often! Your work is just the inspiration I need in my life right now. Please keep it going.

R.Dress a dit…

It's always a pleasure to see your work. Lovely illo.

Martin Wittig a dit…

Wow!!! NICE!!:)

Nick Sung a dit…

OMG, so cute!

Unknown a dit…

Hé hé, les filles de l'aquarium ...


หวยเด็ดหวยดัง a dit…

I will be looking forward to your next post. Thank you

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