09 mars 2006

Phone Doodles

waow... it's been a looooong time since my last post.
I've been moving from Bristol to LA... California baby :)
it's great to be here, but I have to catch up with a new rythm, new lifestyle, new job, so I didn't
get much time to draw... here are a few phone-doodles!
Pffff.... ca fait 1000 ans que j'ai rien posté.
J'ai demenagé de Bristol à Los Angeles, en Californie youpiiii :)
C'est super d'être ici, mais je dois m'adapter à un nouveau rythme, un nouvel environnement et un nouveau travail, alors je n'ai pas eu des masses le temps de dessiner... en attendant mieux, voila des gribouillis téléphoniques!

3 commentaires:

Martin Wittig a dit…

Nice sketches!! I've been waiting for these. I'm thinking about moving out to California too, Which studio are you you working for?

willipino a dit…

cool sketches! welcome to LA.

John S. a dit…

These are great!!! Welcome to LA!
You are going to do great here!
Um...sorry about all the rain..and the traffic...and the cell phone morons,...It's not all like that here.